Sunday, January 30, 2005

Electronic Submissions to Book Publishers

Question: Is there any source available for book publishers who accept electronic submissions? -- John Clark

Answer: Most publishers will accept a query letter by email, but I don't know of any serious book editor at a publisher who would take unsolicited submissions of manuscripts. That would be very unwise of them since it would suck up all of their email bandwidth and make it impossible to get meaningful communications with authors. Any editor or publisher who says they accept unsoliticed electronic submissions is a vanity publisher or print-on-demand publisher. Either might be fine for your manuscript but if you want a major bookstore publisher to accept your manuscript, start by sending an email query only.

Email and snaill mail addresses for hundreds of publishers of children's books, cookbook, health books, business books, first novels, and sports books are on my web site. Send queries only. No more than two pages in the email text itself. No attachments. -- John Kremer
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