Wednesday, February 23, 2005

AdSense Makes Money

The following paragraphs are excerpted from my friend Paul Myers's Talk Biz email newsletter:

How do you go from $30 a day to over $18,000 a month... without creating any new content or products? That's a tough trick. A friend of mine showed me recently how he pulled it off. The good news -- he's willing to tell you, too.

The guy's name is Joel Comm. His secret? AdSense.

No, he's not using iffy search engine techniques or automated page creators. He's using the content he had before he joined the AdSense program. He just figured out how to get the maximum clickthroughs out of his traffic. In his case, those clicks will add up to over $200,000 a year.

The great thing about this is that it costs nothing to join the AdSense program. You plug some code into your pages and when people click on the links, you get paid.

A lot of people use it, but very few actually do well with it. Joel's book will show you how to turn that around. Details at:

John's Comments: Now, I haven't seen Comm's book. Nor do I know the details of how he used AdSense to create that kind of income. What I do like, though, is that he was able to do it. I believe many other content creators can do the same. Perhaps, not make $200,000 per year, but certainly anyone should be able to add several thousand extra dollars a year to their income with enough good content and traffic. Why not try it today? -- John Kremer
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