Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blog RSS Subscriptions and Google Adsense

Question: I get your newsletter and have also started a blog about the same time you did. I'm curious about two things.

1. How did you arrange for the subscribe buttons for My Yahoo and MSN? It's quite a convenience for those visitors.

2. Is the Google Ad Sense program worth the effort?

Answer: 1. The subscribe buttons I got by visiting They have a place there where you can add feeds from all the areas that I have listed on my blog. I also picked up and copied the graphics from there.

2. I don't know if the Google AdSense program is worth the effort yet. It took about an hour to set up, so that wasn't too big a problem. I would guess, though, that the Ad Sense program would be a bigger money maker if I had a blog about cars or automobiles. Then the click-through ads would be worth something.
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