Monday, February 28, 2005

Book Marketing: The Blog Book Tour

Book Angst just had a great item on doing a blog tour. Click on Book Angst above to see the item.

Key link: The Virtual Book Tour sets up blog tours for others.

Does it work? According to Tom Dolby, it does. As he notes, "On February 15, 2005, content about me and my book reached more than 50,000 readers; this made my tour the second most successful he has done to date, trumped only by that of novelist/web guru M.J. Rose... What kind of sales did this effort result in? It's difficult to say exactly, but I do know that my Amazon numbers shot way up, and booksellers that I visited in Manhattan over the following several days appeared to be constantly in the process of restocking their copies, so I know it had a positive impact."

There's also the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit which tours two authors a month on 18 like-minded blogs by female writers. It's an dynamic exchange network that can produce great awareness.

And the Business Blog Tour.
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