Sunday, February 20, 2005

Book Printing Costs

Question: What are the best options and costs (fixed and variable) to
self-publish a paperback book of non-fiction of 200-400 pages in quantity of 500-2,000? I want to know whether it makes more sense to print all at once, or utilize one of the internet book publishing services. It must include fees for copyrighting, ISBN number, and listed on Amazon for purchase. This is to be used for my business to give to clients and prospects and to sell.

John's Answer: You will get the best value by going to a book printer for 500 to 2000 copies of a book. And then doing the copyright work yourself. It doesn't take much time to get a copyright. POD companies will cost about $7 to $10 per book for a book your size doing them 1 to 25 copies at a time. Book printers will charge about $2.00 per book for 2000 copies, maybe a little more or less, since you didn't give a
specific page count.

You are always better off with a real book printer if you can afford to print a thousand copies or more right away.

For book printers, go to Book Printers.

For POD printers/publishers, go to Print-on-Demand Printers and Publishers. Some of the best PODers include Infinity Publishing, iUniverse, AuthorHouse, and Xlibris.
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