Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Christian Book Market

Question: I continue to notice there is not much information being posted or resources being provided for authors who write Christian literature. It seems to be an isolated area of publishing--sort of in it's own world.

Even in book clubs, there is not much of a genre' for Christian literature and people don't respond to emails and other related subject matter. Seems they overlook these authors and focus on novels, short stories, and fiction more. Doesn't seem fair.

Do you know of any resourceful outlets and/or handy marketing tips or information for authors of Christian books?

Answer: There are several Christian book clubs. You can find a listing of some of them at

There is the Christian Booksellers Association out of Denver, Colorado. As you might know if you get my Book Marketing Tip of the Week via email that I often list religious specialty booksellers in my listings of bookstores.

There are many religious magazines. You can find them in any media directory.

And, of course, churches are also a great market for religious titles. Target those churches that your book supports in some way. Most churches have bookstores, even if opened only on Sundays after services.

Some of the biggest bestsellers of the past few years have been Christian titles: The Prayer of Jabez, The Purpose Driven Life, the Left Behind series, and Joel Osteen's new book. The world is wide open for good books for Christians. -- John Kremer
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