Sunday, February 27, 2005

Email Newsletters

Question: I have a question regarding email newsletter distribution, if you're willing to answer it. I have a free, inspirational bimonthly newletter to which people subscribe. I've started having trouble with getting through to my subscribers who have AOL. All emails going through AOL have been returned this time! That's a significant amount. They all say on the return mail "greeting failed." I'm assuming that AOL thinks it's spam.

How do you handle this kind of thing for your newsletter????

John's Answer: There are a number of ways to handle it.

1. Don't send HTML formated email.

2. Ask each AOL member to put your ezine sending address on their white list or safe senders list.

3. Start a blog, and encourage them to get your news there.

4. Post every newsletter at your web site and tell them if they start missing your newsletter to look on your web site.

Those are all things that I've done at one time or another to defeat AOL and other spam blockers (who for whatever reason see my email as spam as well).
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