Monday, February 21, 2005

George Washington for President: 2005

I saw the following note in the LBN Alert ezine: "GEORGE BATTLE: If George Washington came back from the grave and tried to recapture the presidency, he'd wallop President Bush by nearly 20 points."

Below is my response to the article:

Well, gosh, this statement is rather ludicrous. Given no campaign, Washington would have beaten most presidents of the last century by 20 points.

But, if he had to campaign, my guess is that he'd lose. His wooden false teeth wouldn't help him in the TV age. And his speech patterns would get him kicked off American Idol in three seconds flat. I don't think he could win a campaign in this media age, no matter how noble his intentions. Plus, once he ran, he'd run into trouble with his background. He'd be caught in too many lies about cutting down cherry trees and tossing coins across the Potomac. Then, of course, there's the problem of him owning slaves. It would all come out in a gory campaign, and he wouldn't know how to defend himself. He'd have trouble making it through the primaries, much less the general campaign.

Alas, and he might have made a good president, but will we ever find out?
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