Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Marketing Calendars

Question: Do you have any information about calendar distribution or selling terms? I bought your book, it's great but doesn't cover anything about calendars. Can you connect me with someone who is knowable about calendars if you are not.

Answer: Calendar distribution is a risky situation. It's not for the risk-averse. You must have distribution in place by April or May at the latest since most calendar ordering is generally done by that time. Distribution of calendars begins in August and ends in early December. By the end of January, you get returns. Many book wholesalers and distributors will also distribute calendars to bookstores. For other markets, you might have to find other distributors. Terms are generally 50 to 70% discount, fully returnable.

If you want more information, contact the Calendar Marketing Association, 710 E Ogden Avenue #600, Naperville IL 60563-8603; 630-369-2406; Fax: 630-369-2488. Email: Web:
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