Thursday, February 24, 2005

Novels: How to Market the Suckers?

Question: Bowker did a book review of my novel. This review is now recorded in their Books In Print. But, except for libraries, no sales traction. Yet. Where do I go from here? Any thoughts? Your charges?

John's Answer: You need to get reviewed in the legitimate fiction review places such as the New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, as well as in cultural magazines such as Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, People, Time, Newsweek, etc. If your novel is literary, also submit your book for review with the major literary journals. If your novel is genre fiction (romance, SF, mystery), then submit it to the appropriate review media for that genre.

Plus you have to do some touring of bookstores. People need to hear you reading from your work. They have to be able to sample it safely. Your reading to them offers them that chance. And, once they've met you, they are far more likely to buy your novel.

That's my short free answer. For a longer answer, my fee is $500 per hour. Prorated by the minute. It's a lot, but I'm worth far more.
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