Friday, February 04, 2005

QVC Home Shopping Network

This just in from Trisha Gallagher... More good news...

"I just wanted to add that I advertised in Radio/TV Interview Report from Bradley Communications about my angel project. An unlikely by-product was that a man called who was a representative for QVC Home Shopping Network.

I appeared as a guest host twice and was paid for it. They even gave me a day and half of media training (one full day at the QVC studio, and a mini-session in a local Friendly's restaurant), complete with hair and make-up for the two appearances. Although the product I was demonstrating was not a sell-out, I learned so much. I was not even demonstrating my own product but since my product was about angels, they had me involved twice with their inspirational shows, regarding another person's angel product.

It was less expensive to have me do it since I lived within a day's drive of doing the segment, and it would have cost a lot more to accommmodate the two ladies who invented the angel product. They were from California and Alaska!
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