Friday, March 04, 2005

Book Publishing Resources

Question: Where do I find pertinent information and resources about publishing books? How to go about finding a publisher or literary agent? How to build my own publishing business?

John's Answer: 1. For publishing books, go to and The first provides all sorts of resources on book marketing, editing, design, POD, self-publishing, etc. The second is focused on self-publishing as well as writing a book. Incredible resources in both places. Of course, I am biased since one of the sites is mine.

2. You can find publishers of children's books, business books, cookbooks, first novels, sports books, religious books, and health books at This is the most up-to-date listing of book editors for those particular kind of books.

You might also want to visit You can find many literary agents and editors there as well.

3. For books printers, go to Book Printers.
For POD printers/publishers, go to POD Printers and Publishers.
For book cover designers and editors, go to Book Designers and Editors.
For book publicity resources, go to Book Publicity Services.
For book consultants, go to Book Consultants.

For fun, read about all the great self-publishers at the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame: Self-Publishing Hall of Fame.

I hope this helps.
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