Saturday, March 05, 2005

International Special Events Registry

Question: I have a copy of your book Celebrate Today!, which mentions that you maintain the official National Special Events Registry. I was unable to find it on the Web to see how to register a new event. When I go to, I get a message that I'm not authorized to view this page.

John's Answer: I do still maintain the registry, but now it is called the International Special Events Registry. The Celebrate Today web site is down as we update it and switch hosts. At this time, you can submit your holiday via email to Celebrate Today.

We need the following information to register an event:

* Name of the event
* Dates of event -- day, week, or month. If the dates are changeable, we need to know how they change from year to year.
* Name of sponsor
* Address, phone, fax, e-mail, Internet address of sponsor
* Description of event. Try to keep this under 50 words.

The event is registered in the International Special Events Registry, is published in the Special Events Data File, and will soon appear on the Celebrate Today web site.

Events currently listed in the International Special Events Registry include National Dairy Month, National Goof-Off Day, Chrysler's Birthday, National Grapefruit Month, Super Bowl Sunday, Bugs Bunny's Birthday, National Nothing Day, World Book Day, International Children's Day, and 18,100 other events from around the world.
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