Monday, March 21, 2005

Promote Your Book: Telling Stories

The following is courtesy of Rosalind Miller, author of The Great Success Manual:

"How many of us can look back as to the source of motivation that sparked off that initial direction we took in our careers? Who acted as mentors, friends, inspirators, pastors and teachers--that individual who you could look back and say thank you for that break you gave me, the confidence and love you had for me? Sadly, not all past experiences are positive.

"Well the story goes: An alter boy during Mass, made a mistake and was severely ostracized by the priest, warning the boy he would grow up as a failure. Across the ocean, another boy made an error at Mass, but he was gently told that mistakes do happen and that he would someday grow up to be successful. The first boy was Stalin, and the second was Bishop Fulton Sheen."

John's Comments: What stories to you have to tell? Stories are an essential part of writing any book -- and an even more important part of promoting your book. Learn to tell stories that make a difference. It's not hard. And, as you can see from the above story, it doesn't take many words to make a point.
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