Friday, March 25, 2005

Sell More Books Via Point-of-Purchase Displays

“We’re all susceptible to the impulse purchase. That’s why the grocery and discount stores line the checkout lanes with goodies to catch your eye. It works—you buy more.

“Put this human impulse to work in your favor by using point-of-purchase displays to put your books in direct line of sight of people with their wallets already out of their pockets. We sell guidebooks to trails for hiking, bicycling, and skiing. They’re displayed on checkout counters in bike shops, gift shops, nature centers, wineries, coffee shops, and even gas stations.

“When we make a sales call we offer a free Plexiglas display stand if they buy 5 or more books. See an example at With the stand (and some not so subtle suggestions), nine times out of ten, our books end up being displayed on the checkout counter. We tape a business card to the back of the stand, which gives the owner of the shop quick access to our reorder phone number.

“Of course, some shop owners say no—their counters are too crowded already. But, the ones who say yes end up selling many more books, and we make our minimal investment in the display stand back very quickly.”

— Sue Freeman, Footprint Press
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