Sunday, April 10, 2005

Promoting Your Book Via Radio, Part III

Part III from my interview with Alex Carroll of

How to create a compelling press kit and media page on your website that'll have producers and hosts clamoring for you:

* Use color envelope to stand out.
* Place a sticker outside with a cartoon or other eyecatcher.
* Write “requested material enclosed” and circle it.
* Always hand-address envelope.

* Use a double-pocked portfolio.
* Paste your book cover on the outside (using something like 3M Super 77 spray-on adhesive).
* Put your press release in the left hand pocket.
* Include a page of sample questions behind news release. This simple trick gets the host to ask you the questions you want to talk about. It works 95% of the time.
* Include a controversy sheet behind your Q&A page. This sheet features newsworthy controversial points.
* In the right hand pocket, place letters of recommendation from previous radio producers plus news clippings.
* If you've done no previous interviews, feature articles on your subject. This is how you can use other people's publicity to get booked as a guest. Check out Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature at the library to locate articles related to your pitch.
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