Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Promoting Your Book Via Radio Publicity, Part V

Part V from my interview with Alex Carroll of RadioPublicity.com:

The two best days of the week to do interviews ... and the one day of the week to avoid.

* Tuesday is the best day because it gives people the entire work week to respond.
* Wednesday is next best.
* Thursday is next.
* Monday is next. People returning to work are easily distracted.
* Friday is the worst day because people are only thinking about the weekend.

How to do a great interview and sell your book at the same time ... without sounding like a commercial:

* Give people reasons why what you have to talk about is important. Use personal experience or statistics.
* In the first 60 seconds, establish WHY they need to listen to your interview. What will it cost them not to listen?
* Give lots of details to establish yourself as the authority.
* The more information you give them, the more likely they are to buy your book.

* Your close: The best way to order my book is from the publisher and if you mention the host's show, you'll get two free bonuses... The addition of bonuses was a little tweak that cost him a nickel, but tripled his sales overnight.
* Repeat your toll-free number and spell it out.
* Give people a reason to go to your web site.
* Don't ever leave an interview without your plug.
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