Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Promoting Your Book Via Radio Publicity, Part VI

A clever way to get the radio host to keep promoting you ... weeks after you're gone:

Give them extra copies of your book to give away after the show.

How to get radio hosts to book you on dozens of other shows:

* Send thank you letter with your cell phone for emergency fill-in guests.
* To the host, write: If you happen to be a member of a radio show bulletin board system, please let them know I did a great show.
* BitBoard, Radio Online, RadioStar: bulletin boards where radio show hosts share great guests. You cannot join these. Only hosts can belong. If a host recommends you on one of these boards, it could result in another dozen interviews.

The most important keys to success in radio interviews:

1. Must have a good show and be passionate.
2. You have to have a good database of radio shows.
3. Be persistent in contacting producers.

Fiction books are more challenging to book. Here's what to do:

* You need to tie into the news with some element from your novel.
* Look for something controversial.
* Tie the news into the plot or major characters of your novel.
* Make it a great show. Be entertaining. Have fun.
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