Thursday, May 19, 2005

Approaching Newspaper Book Reviewers

The following three paragraphs of advice are from a newspaper book reviewer. You should heed her advice if you are approaching newspaper book reviewers.

The best way for unknown writers to get their work reviewed is to look at the papers and reviewers they would like to see cover their books and then write to these people as if they actually had an interest in the paper or reviewer.

The sort of bitter, demanding letters I have been getting (the legitimate letters) are off-putting as hell. The idea seems to be that just because someone has written a novel--and had it published by some POD outfit--he has the God-given right to have it reviewed.

BUT, if the writer had spent a little time (about 1/100th of the amount he is asking the reviewer to spend) looking into the reviewer's work and bothering to, shall we say, CURRY the reviewer's favor in some way, there is an outside chance someone might give the book a shot. You probably know this--but you are in a miniscule minority.

This advice is crucial. Get to know the people and groups that you want to work with. Don't ask them to work with you without first getting to know them. This should be so obvious but it is amazing how many book authors ignore this simple advice.

For every minute you spend getting to know someone, you will earn — and I do mean earn — 10 minutes of real attention. It's that real attention that gets you real notice, real approval, and real friends and followers.
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