Thursday, May 26, 2005

Books That Can Talk, Walk, and Smell!

If you think that books are going to be challenged by e-books, audio CDs and MP3s, and other media, you haven't even begun to touch the challenges. Within 5 years, according to experts at the NanoBusiness Conference, "tiny wireless transmitters, cameras and even sensors that can register odors could be strung together and connected to wider networks to allow people conversing virtually to hear, feel and smell all the same things, despite being physically separated."

Nanotechnology will challenge all current media, not just books. Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the Internet will all be changed by nanotechnology -- and could easily do it within five years or sooner. The pieces are already in place. Bell Labs, among others, has the technology today to begin building these new technologies.

Read more about the possibilities outlined by Jeffrey Jaffe, president of Bell Labs, at, click here. They have a cell phone transmitter now that can fit inside a cell. Incredible!
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