Friday, May 27, 2005

Feature Your Photos from BEA During BEA!

Publishers Marketplace has joined withe the web photo-sharing service Flickr to feature digital photos taken at BEA. They are inviting anyone to send them photos. It can be great PR for your book, your authors, and your booth -- during and after BEA. Be sure to bring your camera cellphone or a digital camera to take photos of your booth, your books, and your authors. Make sure to make the photos interesting. Have some action in them or some fun with them.

It's simple to submit photos. Email them to The photo will be posted automatically to their blog at

To give a title to your photo, put your caption in the Subject line of the email you send.

This could be a great PR coup for you. Some photos might end up being publicized during BEA itself.

While you're at it, you might want to drop your photos off at the Publishers Weekly room. It'll be somewhere in the convention center, but not on the booth floors. You can also drop off story ideas there.

In addition, you might want to spread some of your photos around the Press Room. I check the room the first two days of the convention.

Be sure to take at least one photo of you setting up your booth. Make it Laurel and Hardy funny.

See you at BEA. -- John Kremer
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