Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Humor Attracts, Humor Sells

Joan Stewart, editor and publisher of the Publicity Hound newsletter, has created an interesting little off-shoot from her main business as a publicity maven. Because her logo is a dog, she often tells dog jokes or quotes in her newsletter. Well, she compiled them into a book. Here's her little ad for the book:

DOG JOKES & QUOTES EBOOK: 170+ G-rated dog jokes and quotes, perfect for a dog-lover, your favorite vet, or just for a few good laughs.

BONUS: Buy the ebook and you also get a compilation of the 50 best websites for dog humor.

I was the first person today to buy a copy. For $4.97, no less. There are a lot of people on the internet who love jokes and quotes. This book gives her easy access to dog-loving sites as well as the 50 best websites for dog humor as well as other humor and/or quotations sites.

Trust me, if she does a viral marketing campaign to these people about her dog joke book, she'll reach many people who also need to learn more about publicity. Once at her site, they'll discover that she has a lot more to offer them.

Funny about that, don't you think? She's a smart writer.
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