Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Magnetic Advertising: Promotion Goes for a Ride

Here are two tips from my friend Fred Gleeck's recent newsletter, Fred Gleeck Insights...

Fred Gleeck's Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops"Since January 1st, I've been driving around with a magnetic sign on the right side, left side and a small sign on the back bumper of my vehicle. I use black type on a bright yellow background. Heck, if it's good enough for the yellow pages, it's good enough for me. To date, this year I've done over $5,400 worth of business specifically attributable to this method of marketing."

John's Comments: Now Fred didn't reveal what he put on his signs, and that seemed to be important in generating the results he got. Also, he lives in Las Vegas, so a lot of people see his car as he drives around. I'd probably have less results here in Taos, New Mexico.

If you attend seminars, you have to know where to sit at any event. Isn't every chair the same as the other? Absolutely not. There are only 4 places to sit at a seminar. Front row all the way to the left, front row all the way to the right, last row all the way left and right. Why? Because when you ask a question you can be seen by the entire rest of the group. These are the only 4 spots with maximum exposure to the rest of the group. I tend to sit in the back at the corner which is closest to the door for a quick and easy exit if necessary. But any of these three locations makes it easy for you to be seen when you stand up to deliver your pearls of wisdom, subtly promoting your products and services."

John's Comments: I'm like Fred. In fact, I think we've had to fight it out a few times to get the seat we wanted. He usually wins since I'm such a nice guy. :))

If you'd like to get a few free books, real ebooks of substance, from Fred Gleeck, check out this part of his web site: http://www.FredGleeck.com/ebooks.
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