Saturday, May 21, 2005

Publicity, Publicity, Publicity

Question: I am working on a story about different organizations and their observance months. In the story, I would like to discuss why some organizations are more well known than others. March, for example, is American Red Cross Month and National Kidney Month. But March is also known as National Eye Donor Month and is the month when Brain Awareness Week is observed. I myself never heard of Brain Awareness Week. Could it be that we, as a society, put more emphasis on some public health issues and ignore others?

John's Answer: Which months we pay attention to have more to do with publicity and advertising rather than merit. National Dairy Month in June is better known than National Blueberry Month, National Seafood Month, National Chicken Month, etc. because it has been promoted for so many years.

The rest of the answer is now featured here:
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