Sunday, June 26, 2005

The 100-Fold Marketing Plan

Mike Levy, author of Live Alchemy in Action, sent me this idea. It's an interesting pitch. I don't know how it will actually work, but it's certainly an intriguing idea.


How would you like to turn 51 cents into a buying power of almost $51.00. Just imagine what you could do if your spending power were multiplied 100 times.

Well, here’s how you can do it in one instance, and it proves the power of the book you are about to buy. Order three copies of The Joys of Live Alchemy ISBN 0966806964 from:

Go to the checkout cart. They will ask you if you would like to apply for a new Visa credit card. They will credit your account with $30 once you fill in the online form, that will take you about one minute to complete.

They have discounted the book to only $10.17 from $14.95. They will give you FREE shipping (valued at $5.97) with the three book order. The total value of the order is $50.82.

All it costs you is 51 cents and you will get three books. One for yourself, one for someone who is suffering (send it anonymously to a friend or foe) and one that will make great birthday gifts or house party gifts or gifts for any holiday.

It is the best book anyone can read for easing stress and enjoying life (in my opinion). You are witnessing Live Alchemy in action...making something with little value grow into something substantial...51 cents turns into the buying power of almost $51.00 and all you have to do is read this message and take the appropriate action.

If you cannot be bothered to increase your money 100 times and you cannot be bothered to receive the gift of a book that is loaded with the wisdom of the universe, then why are you squandering your time reading this message? Obviously, a part of you wants to take action, the part of you that stubbornly will not take the action is the cause of all the grief in your life. Who is the master of your domain?

Remember, what you can do once, you can do an infinite number of times every day of your life. For all the folks who cannot get a credit card I have discounted the book to only $9.95 for the next month, until the end of July at: Point of Life ... Enjoy!

John's Comments: The mathematics of this offer works well with any book priced around $15.00. Of course, a $14.00 book would make the percentage of savings go into infinity. It costs you nothing. You receive $1.40 or more. What a marvelous idea. The math doesn't work for a book over $15.00. Unless, of course, you increase the value of your money 80-fold instead of 100-fold. Perhaps your book buying audience would be interested in such an offer?

Also, the Amazon credit card offer seems good: Save $30 off your first purchase at, earn 3% rewards (at Amazon, 1% elsewhere), get a 0% APR for six months (variable after that, currently 14.9%), and pay no annual fee.
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