Thursday, June 09, 2005

6 Resources from BEA You Can Use Today

The following post comes from Kim Dushinski of Marketability.

As you know this year’s BookExpo America in New York just wrapped up. I will blog a nice juicy wrap up article later, but in the meantime I found a few resources while walking the aisles, standing in line, or sharing a table at lunch that might be helpful to you with your book.

These are for all kinds of books, so be sure to check them all out, just in case one fits your particular topic.

1) PARENTING -- Looking for a way to lend some credibility to your parenting book? Or top off the great success you’ve already had with it? The upcoming deadline to submit your book for an iParentingMediaAward is Friday, June 10. Find out more here: That's today. Act now!

2) SPANISH BOOKS -- Whether you are already active in the Latino and Spanish- language market, or you are interested in leveraging this underserviced and lucrative segment, features essential information, valuable resources and expert services. Check it out here:

3) FICTION WRITERS -- Kirkus Reviews, one of the premier book review journals, is relaunching its Virginia Kirkus Literary Award, a literary talent competition for a best unpublished first novel or story collection. The deadline for entries is August 31, 2005. Find out more about this award:

4) FOR FICTION READERS -- OK, this one isn’t about promoting your book, but about reading fiction books. is a cool service that helps you have better book club discussions. If you are in a book club, you should at least see this site. Web: Book Club in a Box.

5) BOOK INDUSTRY INFORMATION -- Granted, this site contains mostly big publisher information, it also has a ton of great articles and information about all things book industry related. Well worth a visit. Web: The Book Standard.

6) GOLF BOOKS -- (This is the guy I met by sitting down at his table for lunch.) If you have a golf related book (fiction or non-fiction) you may have found a potential distributor for it. First check out the website, see if your book fits, then using the contact us page grab their phone number. Call and offer them a reading copy. The Booklegger sells all things golf related. Start here: The Booklegger.

7) BOOK MARKETING ASSESSMENT -- Whether you've just finished your book or you're overwhelmed trying to market it, find your First 3 Action Steps at MarketAbility's new web site. Your personalized assessment includes resources, strategies, tips... designed specifically for your book, and it's all yours, FREE! Check it out at How to Market My Book.

John's Comments: That's some good tips from Kim. In addition, check out my new home page at Promoting Your Books. It describes a new program I'm offering with a short deadline.
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