Monday, June 27, 2005

Get More Links -- Links That Last

"Since about 1999, I've been buying text ads in newsletters in just about every niche vertical you can imagine. Not only have those ads generated much needed awareness and traffic, those that are archived online still provide excellent, mature link equity." -- Mike Grehan, author, Search Engine Marketing

John's Comments: Would you like to get more links to your web site so you could get more visitors? One thing you might try is to buy text ads in ezines or newsletters. Why? Well, first, if you target the right ezines, the ads should get people to visit your site and maybe buy your books.

But, second and more important, most newsletters and ezines archive their issues. Hence, any link in your ad will continue to exist for years afterwards. Not only, then, do you get an on-going link to your web site, but it will be a lasting link, something that counts for more than a simple transitory link in most search engine ranking programs.
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