Friday, June 17, 2005

Los Angeles Book Marketing Seminar

I was talking with Fred Gleeck today and we've decided to offer a new two-day book marketing seminar in Los Angeles during the first weekend in November. I'm excited about the seminar. During the first day, Fred and I will download our brains to you (in a very gentle way -- we'll just tell you everything we know, or as much as we can during the time we have).

Then on the second day, we're going to take questions all day. And if you don't have questions, we'll put you on the hot seat until you're bursting with questions.

Both Fred and I know so many things that we can't possibly give you everything we know in one, two, or 18 days. But, by giving you a chance to ask questions concerning your book, your web sites, your needs -- we'll give you every opportunity to draw out of us those little insights that could make a huge difference in your sales.

And, in all likelihood, as the questions are asked, Fred and I will come up with new ideas that neither of us had ever considered before, simply because the question had never come up before. We want you to rack our brains. We want you to ask the impossible questions. We want you to pull out of us all the great ideas we know, including many we have never shared before.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my excitement with you on this new seminar, even though it's months away, we haven't selected the site yet, and we haven't written the promotional copy. You can't even sign up yet. But you can email me if you'd like to know more. Email:

Oh, by the way, I've already have had several queries about my new Book Marketing Masters Program. If you want to know more, check out my web site at
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