Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rick Frishman's BEA Report with Steve O'Keefe's comments

The following post is excerpted from Rick Frishman's newsletter. I agree with what he says about this year's BookExpo in New York City.

"I have gone to 27 BEA's (it used to be called ABA). This one was the best ever. Thousands of authors, agents, booksellers, want to be authors--roaming the halls meeting each other. The buzz this year was great. Everyone was in a good mood. Attendance was at an all time high.

"On a personal note- Just about everyone from PTA was there at the convention. The people who work with me here at PTA are the best in the business (David Hahn, David Thalberg, Deb Kohan, Sandy Trupp, Audra Berman, Sharon Farnell, Paul Schwartz, Kristen Clifford--just to name a few) If you haven't met them--you should. They are wonderful people--and they know their stuff! Most of them have been with PTA for over 10 years (David and David for 19 years each) Give them a call at 212 593 5820--say hi. Web: http://www.plannedtvarts.com."

John's Comments: The people at PTA are great people.
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