Thursday, June 30, 2005

Selling Film Rights: Movie Producers List

Question: Do you have a list of movie producers who I can pitch my novel to as a movie? The book was published by the small publisher PublishAmerica. -- Mark Mills, author of To Protect the Innocent

John's Answer: I have a list of producers and production companies that have bought movie rights in the past year, but I don't yet have addresses for most of them.
Besides, you don't pitch willy-nilly when you pitch movie rights. You target specific producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, or production companies depending on what they have done before and what they might be planning to do in the future. You would never want to mass pitch a movie.

I also offer a list of agents who sell movie rights. They pitch to specific producers and companies. That list is part of the Literary, Foreign, and Subsidiary Rights agents file I sell for $30.00 via email.
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