Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stop Procrastinating: Do It Today!

Just a note to help you start this coming Monday off on the right foot:

"Sometimes a gentle reminder is all we need. I recently set aside a portion of 2 days to make only 10 phone calls each day. Out of the 20 calls, I actually was able to talk with 12 of the individuals directly.

"The results? 1 prime-position, low-rent booth space at an event that I really needed to be at; 1 new author for my company; 2 new clients for book production services; 1 joint venture for an upcoming convention; 1 speaking engagement at a men's conference; and 1 meeting scheduled with a very influential pastor."

-- Marvin D. Cloud, author of Get Off the Pot: How to Stop Procrastinating and Write Your Personal Bestseller in 90 Days.

John's Comment: Now doesn't that inspire you to set aside a few hours during the next week to make a few phone calls. You won't get to them unless you plan to make the calls and set aside the time to do it. Do it now!
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