Sunday, July 03, 2005

Book Publishers Online

Question: I am looking for on line directory of book publishers that provides the publishers web site URL. A list that is public, offering free access, and that does not require being a member of an association.

It would be terrific if the listing also offered information on the number of titles and company size. I am looking for Book publishers, not journals, not magazines, and not newspapers. Companies that are publishers as distinct from printing companies.

Any suggestions for Google key words that would be useful in narrowing down a search to locate Book publishers with 40 or more titles, English Language publications, will be appreciated.

John's Answer: On my web site at, I feature more than 1,400 editors and publishers of first novels, children's books, business books, health books, sports books, reference/humor titles, cookbooks, and religion/spirituality. Those lists are free. They do not include number of titles or company size, but all publish more than one title; most publish anywhere from ten to thousands of titles.

I also feature the Top 101 Independent Book Publishers at:

In addition, I list most of the book publishing associations, many of which offer lists of their members free on their web sites. That list is at

There are many free resources on my web site. You can find a list of them at,

I hope this helps. Have a great 4th of July!
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