Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How to Write a Good Book Sales Letter

In his latest Fred Gleeck Insights ezine, my friend Fred Gleeck provided an outline for a good Internet one-page sales letter that would work for books, reports, audiotapes, kits, home study courses, DVDs, databases, software, etc. Here it is:

1. Prehead
2. Headline
3. Posthead
4. Opening Line/Paragraph
5. Build Rapport
6. Demonstrate Credibility
7. Develop Bullet Points
8. Testimonials
9. Offer
10. Pricing Discussion
11. Guarantee
12. Bonuses
13. Reason to Act Now
14. PS

Follow this outline and you'll create a great sales letter. Include a few stories, some detailed testimonials, and a lot of soulful honesty and you'll knock the socks off your readers -- and they'll want to buy.
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