Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Marketing Lessons from the Magic of Harry Potter

Warren Whitlock had an incredible idea. Why not tie into the media and consumer interest in the new Harry Potter book, which sold millions of copies. What did he do to piggy-back on this publicity and interest? Very simple. He created a blog about the book's marketing. Gosh, I wish I had thought to do that. He picked up hundreds of links to his web site as a result of his simple (and time-limited) blog.

Not only does he get all these links, but he doesn't have to maintain this blog for very long to get all the value that he has already gotten in less than ten days.

Check out his Marketing Lessons from the Magic of Harry Potter blog at http://pottermarketing.blogspot.com.

Just think: What upcoming event that will get a lot of interest can you blog about? The new TV season? The hot new TV drama or comedy? The latest reality TV show?

The NFL football season. The NHL getting back into play. The breakup of the big AFL-CIO union as unions go off on their own (this is big news right now in the labor and business markets).

Potter was really big. What's the next big thing? Think about it. Then blog about it. It's so simple to do. When you blog, always include a press release via the Internet as part of your blogging.

Again, check out Warren's blog to see what he did.
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