Monday, August 01, 2005

Book World Services

Question: Is there a specific reason that Book World Services in Sarasota, Florida was not included in your list of Top Independent Book Distributors?

They are listed by Ingram as a major distibutor. I am considering contacting them, but wanted to make sure that you do not have negative information about them that resulted in their exclusion from the list. Please advise.

John's Answer: Yes, there is a reason I do not list them. They have never liked my listing of them and continually pestered me to change it to their liking. Eventually they threatened to sue if I did not change it. Since I did not want to change the truth, I deleted any reference to them. Why bother giving publicity to a company that only pesters you?

By the way, my listing simply said that they have way to many ups and downs for me to recommend them as a distributor.
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