Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Create Better Online Testimonials

Would you like to increase the believability and effectiveness of your online testimonnials? Here are a few tips from Martin Boyd, editor of HBT News, a biweekly newsletter about online home businesses.

1. Ask people who give you testimonials if they can send you a photo to put up with their testimonial.

2. Feature a scan of their actual signature.

3. Record their testimonial and feature it in an online audio. You can tape their testimonial by phone or in person.

4. If they send you a postcard or hand-written letter testimonial, scan in the postcard or letter and post that on your web site.

5. Ask people who send you testimonials to send you a short profile as well to give them a human face.

6. Videotape the testimonial if you meet them in person.
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