Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Biggest Mistake in Writing News Releases

In the last issue of his Million Dollar Publicity Strategies newsletter, my good friend Paul Hartunian wrote about a press release he received. Here is the lesson he teaches. It is something many of you need to read more than once. I know, because I still see so many of you making this same mistake over and over again.

Their press release started with the words:

"SoBiz! Network's slogan, 'Get business, not just business cards!' sums up their networking philosophy. The organization, founded in 2003, is an extremely productive and high energy networking organization."

Now, what's my first publicity lesson to you?

If you said, "Nobody gives a rat's rear end about SoBiz Network," you win a gold star. You've been reading my lessons over the past months and years.

The release goes on to yap about how wonderful SoBiz is. And more yap, and more yap and more yap.

Then they make a sales pitch to join their network marketing company.

How many times have I taught you that no one - absolutely no one - cares about you. People only care about what you can do for them.

The #1 mistake people make when they write press releases is that they fill the release with information about themselves, their business, their product, etc.

I've said it over and over again in these lessons - absolutely no one cares about you, your product, your business, or whatever.

No one.

Even your mother lies to you.

Did you understand his message? It's really very simple: No one cares about your book, your publishing company, or you. What they want to know is very simple: What's in it for me?

Even those of us who are unselfish, caring, and giving people -- even we still want to know what benefits you have to offer to us. You can tell me everything you can think of about your product, but if you never tell me how I can use it to make my life better, or save money, or lose weight, or take better care of my family, well, then your product means nothing to me. I don't need it. I don't want it. I couldn't care less.

The sad thing is that your book might be just what I'm looking for, something I really need, but if your news release is focused solely on the book, I will never hear about it.

Make me care. Tell me why I should be interested. Move me to act. Break my heart. And heal it again.
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