Thursday, October 13, 2005

First Time Novelists: How to Get Attention

I just read a great post on the Media Bistro blog about how one first-time novelist sold her book. I think she offers good advice, especially her first point:
I submitted my short story "Adults At Home" to twenty-eight literary journals before it was accepted by the Indiana Review. I couldn't believe what happened next. Three agents contacted me -- proving the fact that agents actively seek clients, and they really do read literary journals. I had only just started writing TWINS, but I responded to the agents' queries, thanking them for their interest. Over the course of the next two years, one persistent young agent (Alex Glass of Trident Media Group) stayed in regular contact with me. When I finished TWINS, I sent the manuscript directly to him.

I know too many talented writers who don't submit their work. This drives me crazy. It's a simple fact: you can't get published if you don't put yourself out into the world. Buy manila envelopes, print labels, make copies, get busy. Amazing things can happen as a result.

To read her entire post, check out: Media Bistro.
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