Sunday, November 27, 2005

Newspaper Book Review Editors

Question: Is the list of newspaper book reviewers posted on your site ( recent? It seems like a very small list, compared to the number of newspapers out there.

John's Answer: I note in the newspaper listings when I updated each listing (see the dates in parentheses). The list is small (only 65 newspapers), but it does include most of the major newspapers that actually do their own book reviews.

There are certainly many other newspapers, but if you want to get noticed in them, you'll probably have to reach their special interest editors (sports, food, business, religion, or whatever fits your book).

The reality is that, for most books, newspaper reviews have little impact. You will get the most impact from reviews, interviews, or notices in magazines.

The time when you most want to appear in a newspaper is when you are doing a bookstore appearance or other speaking engagement in the local area. Then you want the interview to occur before or on the day of your appearance.
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