Saturday, March 25, 2006

An Interview with John Kremer

Here's an excerpt from a short interview I did the other day:

1. Why individuals should consider marketing to be such a high priority (whether it's to sell more copies or reach more readers and educate them or entertain them)?

John's Answer: Marketing is a high priority for only one reason. That's how you reach potential readers of your books -- and why would you write if you didn't want readers?

2. What types of people might be suited to be self-published authors or to control a great part of their "marketing destiny" even if they are traditionally published?

John's Answer: Entrepreneurial people, plain and simple. Don't self-publish if you don't want to take control of your own destiny in publishing and writing books. You must be willing to spend time doing much of the promotion yourself rather than paying someone else to do it.

3. What is the importance of people, especially everyday ones, writing a book in their lifetime?

John's Answer: There is no importance to anyone writing a book unless they have to write one. Writing one simply because it's fashionable or the thing to do will result in a lousy book. But, if you can't help yourself, if you must write, if you must put what you know and feel into a book, if you are passionate about what you are writing, then it is important to write.

4. What excites you about working in the publishing industry/working with authors?

John's Answer: I love great book ideas, great book execution, great book reading experiences. When an author is passionate about her work, then I'm interested. Then I get excited.
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