Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Daughter of the Yellow River -- Amazon promotion

If you ever thought of doing your own bestseller campaign, then you might want to check into the campaign now being done for Diane Lu's Daughter of the Yellow River. Why? Because she has so many participants, including people mailing to their lists as well as dozens and dozens giving away free reports, audios, etc. to buyers of her book. Her list of movers and givers could be contacted to help you as well, especially if your book is on relationships, health, self-help, business, motivation, or related topics.

I don't generally participate in these bestseller campaigns. I think they've been overdone, but I do know their power in getting attention for your book online. So I still encourage authors to do a campaign at least once in the life of their book, no matter how new or old the book is.

Anyway, to check out Diana Lu's offer, see

Note: Diana paid someone, probably Warren Whitlock, to run the campaign for her. Besides plugging her book via the web page, Warren also wrote a review of the book on, blogged about it on his blog, and wrote about it in his newsletter.

Diana's book went from an ranking of 304,648 on Tuesday to a rank of 8,366 on Wednesday afternoon. Her campaign began on Tuesday and goes through Thursday.
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