Thursday, April 06, 2006

Free Life Coaching Sessions

I don't know how long the following offer will last because the person offering these free life coaching sessions could get overbooked. But here is what one reader has sent me:

Hi John, here is a free offer your readers may be interested in as it is a win/win for all concerned. Thanks for all the great work you do, Ed.

Offer free life coaching sessions to promote your book.

An experienced, reputable life coach is building her client base by offering 2 free, life coaching sessions to the purchasers of selected books. She has used this free life coaching session with several publishers and found it successful for all concerned. If your book would benefit from having a life coach work with your readers to seat the ideas, this might work for you.

You would offer 2 free, life coaching sessions via phone (client pays for call), with the purchase of your book ($150 value). You could put the offer on your website, or use other ways to incorporate it into your book sales offer.

There is no charge to make this offer, and there are no hidden catches, or obligations to people taking advantage of the offer. Regular life coach fees apply ($75 hr) to anyone staying on after the 2 free sessions, but no commitments are required.

The Life Coach is Theresa Smith, and you can go to, or call Theresa at 201-568-0019, or email for more information. References are available upon request.

This can give you a no cost, reputable, way to add value to your book and increase the value realized by the reader.

Any readers who would like to give this a try, contact Theresa above. I'd be curious if anyone tries this offer and what effect it has on sales of their books. Let me know.

Thanks to Ed Smith for the tip. You can sign up for a free daily email One Minute Motivator at his BrightMoment web site:
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