Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Do You Have the Time to Market Your Books?

In a blog post today, Seth Godin wrote about how "once an organization is up and running, it's almost impossible to carve out the time to find the marketing vision that will make all the difference. Are you too busy working to make any money?"

Somehow during your day, you need to make some time to really think about how to break out your book from the herd. How can you make your book stand out when 120,000 books are being published ever year and 6 million titles are available on If you don't know how your book should stand out, you'll never break it out. It will disappear among the stacks.

Take some time today to consider how your book is one of a kind, how it is better than anything else out there in its field. Your book deserves a special marketing program, one worthy of its value. What are you going to do to help your book stand out.
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