Sunday, August 20, 2006

Does It Pay to Nag?

Nagging Oprah

Does it work to nag top media people? Here are a few stories that indicate the power of nagging, or the power of persistence.

It worked for Chicago author Michele Weldon, who regularly pestered the producers of Oprah for over three years. Finally they said yes. Michele's appearance on behalf of her 1999 book, I Closed My Eyes: Revelations of a Battered Woman, produced sales of about 35,000 copies.

It didn't worked for self-published author Maria Veloso and her site (no longer an active site). If the signature count had reached one million, Veloso would have submitted the evidence for Oprah's consideration. She gathered over 18,000 signatures, but that wasn't enough to do the trick.

Persistence can sometimes pay and sometimes not. Either way, just be nice about it.
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