Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Retire Secure

My friend Jim Lange has a great new book out called Retire Secure. If you order it today, you'll get tons of great bonuses! Here is the info....

Can you live too long? John planned to die young. He had every reason to live. He loved life, was healthy, happy and had a great career and a loving family. His life expectancy was good, but one small decision insures John will live for many years after his retirement savings runs out.

What was that one small decision? Find out at: http://www.langebook.com.

You know the trends. You will live longer. The government will not pay you enough to live on, and many corporation are freezing or eliminating traditional retirement plans. Leaving millions at risk. Fortunately, you need not be one of them.

When you read Jim Lange's Retire Secure, you will see how a few strategic decision will vastly improve your income possibilities over the decades you have left to live. This can be very important to authors and publishers. I urge you to spend a minute right now and pick up a copy of Jim's book Retire Secure.

The book is on sale today, with a special bonus gift package worth $3,277 when you order a copy of this inexpensive book. Go to: http://www.langebook.com.

At the same time as you help yourself, you'll also be helping Jim make his book an Amazon.com bestseller. Now, that's a win for both of you. His book is already at 1,600 and moving up!

I've been working with Jim now for more than a year, and the man is smart. He knows what he is writing about when he covers the subject of retirement -- smart retirement, where you keep more of the money for yourself and your heirs than for the government. A lot more money. I trust this man to give only the best advice.
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