Friday, September 08, 2006

Midwest Connections: New Book Promotion Program

The Midwest Booksellers Association has just announced a new book marketing program for publishers and booksellers to promote books and authors in the Midwest.

Booksellers will be able to participate in each promotion at one of three levels, depending on what works best for them. For example, to be classified as a top tier store, which would allow for an author appearance, a store would have to meet specific criteria, including doing a certain amount of promotion for the book and author, submitting a proposal for the author event, ordering books directly from the publisher, and being a Book Sense store that reports to the Heartland bestseller list.

Publishers can promote books in three categories: adult fiction and nonfiction; cookbooks and how-tos; and children's, middle grade, and YA books. Publishers can suggest authors and titles to be included in the program, help with co-op, provide promo materials to the stores, and provide authors for tours to the top stores.

The Midwest Booksellers Association will be organizing the program and coordinating all efforts between publishers and booksellers.

Check out all the details in their PDF brochure at: Midwest Connection.

For more information, contact Susan Walker, MBA Executive Director, at 612-926-5868 or via email at

The first book to be promoted will be Tom Drury's novel The Driftless Area. Events include a retional author tour, a spoken word radio taping, speaking at the MBA trade show and author dinner, ads and featured listings on member bookstore websites, and more.
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