Monday, November 13, 2006

BookExpo in Las Vegas: 2010

BookExpo America will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010 (New York in 2007, Los Angeles in 2008, and New York in 2009). One bookseller from Washington DC strongly disapproved of holding a book convention in the city of sin. Hm, I thought, her comments could easily apply as well to DC, where the expo was held last year. See if you don't agree (I substituted DC for Las Vegas and politics for gambling):

Holding the convention in DC gives "our tacit support to an industry that is corrupt and corrupting. I know that DC is bigger than politics now, but politics is what the hotel and restaurant industry is about and depends on." Having a convention "in a place like DC is inappropriate for an industry that depends on print, books, editorial judgment."

I especially like the part about editorial judgment as it applies to politicians and the comment about an industry that is corrupt and corrupting, which certainly also applies to DC (both Republican and Democrat). I'm a universal disapprover of politics as it is practiced now.
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