Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Get Better Testimonials

Don't do what Harper did with the following testimonials, which are simply way too obvious and salesy. These are just too terrible. I almost hate to reprint them. No author would write a real testimonial like the ones below.

The 2007 publishing schedule includes bestselling fiction author Susan Elizabeth Phillips, who says of the new imprint, "It's about time! HarperLuxe is exactly what I've been waiting for, both as a reader and a writer." She continues, "I'm thrilled to know my books will be published in such a stylish and accessible fashion with the HarperLuxe imprint, and I also know I'll be a devoted consumer. Thanks, Harper, for making life just a little easier for all of us."

I bet she's not been sleeping nights because there wasn't an imprint such as HarperLuxe.

New York Times bestseller James Rollins adds, "Innovation has always been a trademark of HarperCollins Publishers: from the multiple stepback covers of my first book, Subterranean, to the holographic lenticular cover for one of my latest books, Sandstorm. So I was thrilled to hear that HarperCollins is again moving forward to anticipate readers' needs by introducing the new HarperLuxe editions for easier reading, proving again that there is still room in publishing for simple yet progressive improvements." Rollins continues, "HarperLuxe will certainly enhance the comfort of the reading experience for the average person, but it also holds the promise to broaden the accessibility of books to those with compromised vision. Such an innovation is long overdue."

Where has this bestselling author been for the past 50 years? What innovation in using larger print? He cites no other innovation in the new HarperLuxe line. What simple progressive improvements?

Who wrote these testimonials? Pity the poor authors who had these words put into their mouths. Alas.
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