Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How to Use Teleseminars to Sell More Books

Four questions for you today....

#1 -- What's even better than having your own radio show?
#2 -- What key marketing tool did one first-time author use to hit the New York Times bestseller List?
#3 -- How can you go on a national book tour for less than $100 without ever leaving your home?
#4 -- What's one of the fastest ways to make more as an author (or expert in your field)?

In each case the answer is: Do Your Own Teleseminars!

If you're not using teleseminars, you're missing out on one of the least expensive and most effective ways to market a book (and many other things).

In addition to promoting your books, doing your own teleseminars is also a great way to make big money as an author because you can repackage the info from your book into a series of teleseminars for which people will gladly pay $295 to $2,500.

Free Teleseminar This Wednesday

Ready to learn how to do your own profitable teleseminars?

You're invited tomorrow Wednesday, November 8th for a free teleseminar on: How You Can Use Teleseminars to Sell Truckloads of Books and Make Hefty Profits

On this 90-minute call, you'll hear Steve Harrison interviewing Alex Mandossian, an author and speaker who sells tons of books and does over $1.2 million a year with teleseminars:

To enroll for Wednesday's teleseminar -- which is offered at your choice of two times: either 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific) or 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific) go here now: Alex Call.

Be sure to make the call Wednesday because I'm not planning to make recordings of it available any time soon. This may be your only chance for quite a while to learn Alex's methods such as:

* Eight different models to use teleseminars to sell books/products and make buckeroos.
* Why hosting teleseminars is even better than having your own radio show and can quickly make you a celebrity in your field.
* How anyone with expertise can get started doing profi.table telseminars without leaving home even if you're a total unknown -- all for less than $100.
* How Alex sold 1,782 books in a single teleseminar.
* The time he made $13,000 from the delivery room at Mt. Sinai Hospital when his son was born.
* Why you're lucky to get 10 people at a bookstore signing but Alex has two models for virtual book signings he's used to get almost 1,200 people on the phone and sell tons of books!
* The case history of how Alex used teleseminars to help a first-time author hit the New York Times bestseller List.
* How Alex has used teleseminars to network with and do business with famous authors including Mark Victor Hansen, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and Harvey Mackay.
* The small, but important, details most people ignore that can dramatically increase the number of people you get on your calls.

This is a call you don't want to miss. Sign up today to be in on the call: Alex Call.
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