Friday, November 10, 2006

What Is Your Message? Are You Clear?

In the coming days, you're going to hear the Democratic leaders continue to assert that voters have chosen the Democratic agenda and have demanded its implementation. Bosh!

It's the same false conclusion as the one George Bush made in 2004 when he said that voters had given him a mandate. Bosh again!

In this election, the voters chose to vote against George Bush, scandals, and the war in Iraq. They did not vote FOR the Democratic agenda. First, every Democratic campaign ad I saw during this election cycle focused on bashing Bush, the war, and Republican congressional leaders. Not one promoted any Democratic platform points. The people voted against the Republicans not for the Democrats.

Are you also sending the wrong message? Are you surviving because your competitor is simply incompetent? Or are people actually choosing to buy and read your books because they truly are the best? Are you gaining sales because your message is getting through or because your competitor's message sucks?

Be sure to be proactive. Know why people should buy your book. State why people should buy your book. Sell them on why your book is the best. Don't settle for sales by default as the Democrats have done.
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